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Manage Your Fleet

My Komatsu

If you’ve ever wanted a comprehensive digital hub that allows 24/7 access to machine telematics data, parts manuals, service manuals, software, and parts ordering — all in a single place — we’ll partner with you to ensure that My Komatsu delivers exactly what you need.


My Komatsu Centralizes Your Machine and Product Data

My Komatsu gives you visibility to your machine performance and efficiency with several tools that will allow you to track historical and current statistics.


Ensure your machine is operating at peak performance levels!


Reporting on machine use, fuel consumption, and idle time.


Order Parts 24/7 at My Komatsu!


Instant access to parts and service information through a single, comprehensive portal.

Machine Operation

My Komatsu gives you visibility into your machine’s performance and efficiency with several tools that allow you to track historical and current statistics.

Location History

Usage Hours

Fuel Consumption

Working Days


Machine Coverages

Now you can remove the guesswork and keep your coverage details close. Access your coverage and Komatsu Care claim details from the machine details page.

  • Standard Warranty
  • Emissions Warranty
  • Complimentary Komatsu Care
  • Komatsu Care Plus Programs
  • Advantage Coverage

My Komatsu Parts Store

The My Komatsu Parts Store provides you an easy option to quickly find the part you need without using a parts catalog. Choose from popular categories such as filters, oil, paint, safety products, and more!

Komatsu Parts Store Computer online

My Komatsu Service and Support

Your machine’s uptime is critical to completing your project on time and budget. This why we have designed features that allow you to stay connected to your machine’s health. Features include your Top 5 Recent Cautions and Time of Event, Top 5 Recent Abnormality Codes with a link to troubleshooting tips, Maintenance Triggers with Required Parts List.

Download the My Komatsu Mobile app

With the My Komatsu mobile app, you can conveniently review your fleet telematics data, explore product support manuals, order parts 24/7 and more!

Access anywhere and anytime using the same login as your web account. My Komatsu is always at your fingertips!


Komatsu is committed to building value by connecting products, people, and technology.