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ý Electronic Data Privacy Statement [April 2009]
ý respects customer privacy and is dedicated to the protection of your personal and business information. We do not sell or otherwise distribute any of your personal information outside the normal course of business and only with trusted business partners. ý views our customers as business partners and secures your information using the same protections we apply to our internal operations. These protections include firewall devices, password security, rights management, as well as other reasonable and prudent security practices.

ý and our partners may collect some of the business and personal information you provide to us during the normal course of business, as well as through other public and private resources. We only collect information we believe is relevant to our business relationship or enhances our customer service capabilities. We only use customer information for business purposes and we provide you with the option of receiving specific promotional material.

We only disclose information when it’s legally mandated or necessary to fulfill the purposes of our business relationship. Access to personal information is only given to those with a legitimate business reason, which may include manufacturers, established vendors, and authorized finance companies. Personal and Business information is only utilized in accordance with Corporate policies and when permitted by law. We also offer customers the right to verify and update their personal information upon request.

Customers may obtain further information about our privacy practices or opt-out of receiving promotional marketing messages by sending inquiries through the following means:
Telephone: (253)872-3500
Fax: (253)872-3519
Email: Marketing@modernmachinery.com

ý reserves the right to modify our Privacy Statement at any time and the changes will be published to this page. By providing personal information to us, you acknowledge acceptance of this privacy statement and consent to the collection and use of business and personal information in accordance with this privacy statement.